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Present in the market since 1975, METALÚRGICA TANAKA is a Brazilian company that is installed in the municipality of Cajurú, São Paulo, and acts in the manufacture of parts and accessories for the Industrial and Agricultural.

The main products manufactured by METALÚRGICA TANAKA are:


Present in the market for more than 75 years, METISA is a genuinely Brazilian company that is installed in the Municipality of Timbó, Santa Catarina, in an area of ​​240,000 square meters, and currently employs about 1100 employees. METISA exports its products to more than 40 countries, and has an annual production capacity of about 80 thousand tons of steel.

METISA's main products are:

Rep Marine

Founded in 1990, REPMARINE is the leading authorized service provider of the leading international salvage equipment manufacturers (Turks and Whales), as well as developing designs, construction and maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment applicable in the naval, offshore and industrial areas.



Founded in 1974 by a group of engineers with the objective of meeting the then-current policy of nationalization of equipment and components for the Naval Industry.

MAIN PRODUCTS AND SERVICES (Manufacturing and Maintenance):


Founded in 1993 in Vitória-ES, Pred Engenharia is a company specialized in Planning and Control of Asset Integrity Maintenance for all industrial segments.

Its main services and solutions are:

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